How to dispose the garbage in the room ゴミの処理方法


Instructions : How to dispost the garbage in your room.



It would be much appreciated if the guest could follow the instructions below of dumping the garbage during the stay at our place.

お部屋内のゴミの出し方、捨て方、処理方法についてご協力をいただけると幸いです。(ゲストルームアルン 家主より)


1  Burnable Garbage




Burnable gargages include paper, clothes, and wood material, vinyl wrapping paper, milk pack, etc.




When you are to dispose food garbage or kitchen refuse and used diapers, please put them into the plastic bags and tie the mouth of the bag.
If you put the plastic bag with the garbage out of your door, we will take care of them in the day.


2  Recyclable Garbage


Recyclable garbages include any kinds of plastic containers such as a lunch box, sashimi tray, sushi pack, food pack, yogurt cup, plastic cofee cop, natto pack, cup coodle containers, straws, etc.


When you are to dispose recyclable garbage, plaase put them into the bin we place in the room. 

if you are not sure where the bin is, please ask us freely.




3  Unburnable Garbage



Unburnable garbages include any kind of metal materials, slippers, sandals, shoes, teeth brush, comb, belt, stainless containers such as cosmetics containers, plastic toys, unbrella, light bulbs, cups, glasses, batteries, pens, etc.




If you are to dispose unburnable gabages, please put them into the bin we place in the room. 

If you are not sure where the bin is , ask us freely.


4  Garbage Bin

The garbage bin is located near the entrance door in the room. It consists of three bins, so you will be able to use them according to the type of garbages.